Police Dispatch

As Sick as a Dog?

Foothills Area

June 8, 3 p.m.

Some sick person (perhaps literally and figuratively) broke into a woman's upscale northside home just to steal some medication—and not even her own medication, but her dog's, a Pima County Sheriff's Department report stated.

When a sheriff's deputy spoke to the canine victim's owner by phone, she said she'd just returned from out of town and noticed her dog's medication was missing. It was almost certainly stolen, considering the entire bottle of 100 pills was gone and she hadn't misplaced it.

There was no sign of the door being broken, but two people had been given the key to her house—her housekeeper and the dog-sitter she'd hired. Both people denied taking the animal's meds, she said, but she did note that multiple others knew she kept her house key under a mat.

Certainly people have been known to abuse pain medication manufactured for animal consumption—humans simply need more of it to feel its effects—but in this case the medication apparently wasn't pain medication.

Meanwhile, the woman's house contained myriad expensive items left untouched.

The pet-pill pilferer hadn't been apprehended at the time of the report.

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