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He Named the Wrong Right?

Upon arrest for disruptive behavior, a man claimed the cops had violated his rights ... specifically, his Twelfth Amendment right, implying he'd somehow been maligned regarding the process for appointing the president and vice president via the Electoral College, a Pima County Sheriff's Department report stated.

Sheriff's deputies responded to a gas station whose attendant reported a shirtless, bald, heavily tattooed man harassing customers. By the time deputies apprehended him, two other callers had reported the same guy "yelling at himself in the desert" and making a scene at a nearby Circle K.

During handcuffing, the subject was "rambling, swearing...talking about himself in the third person" and calling deputies by the names of his family members. When informed he was under arrest for disorderly conduct, the man "became upset," stating he'd "had his Twelfth Amendment rights violated."

He then kept repeating that deputies would "be sorry once the feds found out he'd have to do what his brother wanted him to do" (not explaining any of that). Placed in a patrol car, he started screaming incoherently and slamming his head against the divider glass.

He was booked into jail with the help of a restraint chair and numerous brawny corrections officers.

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