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FEB. 5, 2:06 A.M.

An intoxicated man played bumper cars in a convenience-store parking lot, according to a Pima County Sheriff's Department report.

Deputies responded to a suspicious-activity call from the Circle K at 9810 S. Nogales Highway, where the clerk said a Ford Bronco completely covered in mud had entered the store's parking lot and started doing donuts at least four times that night. The driver, he said—a male approximately 35 years old—had also entered the store several times and appeared to be very drunk.

The clerk said that the man was driving dangerously. The clerk described the Bronco at one point backing into the U-shaped barrier next to the fuel pumps and then hitting an identical barrier near the next row of fuel pumps, at which point it began "spinning out" and slammed into the cement parking block in front of the store. The Bronco eventually left the parking lot.

Deputies found and pulled over the mud-covered Bronco, which was weaving from side to side as it was being driven down East Frazier Road. The driver was extremely belligerent while being arrested, cursing in English and Spanish. When asked questions in English, he said, "I don't understand," but when the same questions were asked in Spanish, he would repeat the same phrase. The subject also exhibited severe mood swings, at one moment trying to kick in the door of the patrol vehicle, and the next laughing uncontrollably and lying on the ground.

The subject was arrested for driving under the influence.



FEB. 4, 1:20 P.M.

A teen boy's helpless appearance belied his violent actions, according to a PCSD report.

The victim, who attends Tortolita Middle School, 4101 W. Hardy Road, said that he had been in the hallway talking with the girlfriend of a boy who was injured. All of a sudden, he said, he felt two enormously painful blows to his leg. Looking up, he saw that the girl's boyfriend had swung at him hard, twice, with a crutch. The boyfriend could apparently stand without the aid of any crutches at all.

The accused assailant insisted he had been joking around and was merely poking the reportee with the tip of his crutch. An adult witness, however, said there had definitely been swinging action.

The reportee had two large bruises in the places he reported being hit.

The subject was brought into custody for assault. The report did not state whether he was allowed to take his crutches.

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