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Nacho Fries: Even Meth-Heads Can’t Resist

A Taco Bell employee found a clear baggie almost full of a "white crystal-like rocky substance".

Foothills Area, May 1, 7:46 p.m.

Someone was perhaps so taken with the menu at America's most popular Mexican fast-food chain that they abandoned a bag of meth while in line inside one of its restaurants, a Pima County Sheriff's Department report stated.

A sheriff's deputy drove in person to a north-side Taco Bell to meet an employee who handed over a clear baggie almost full of a "white crystal-like rocky substance"—apparently crystal methamphetamine—which she said she'd found on the floor in the center of the lobby, near the ordering counter.

She said she didn't know who the substance belonged to, but the last people in the store after staff had swept the floor had been a short woman in a white T-shirt with a ponytail and a short man in a black T-shirt with a beard—who apparently did not come in the restaurant together.

The bag was taken back to the Sheriff's Department's Foothills Office, where it was tested and revealed to indeed be meth, weighing in at almost an ounce, then placed into evidence. At the time of the report, nobody had been arrested in relation to the drugs.

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