Police Dispatch

Breaker-Box Goldilocks

A friendly young woman.

North Santa Rita Ave., April 29, 7:26 p.m.

A man came home to find that a random young woman had encroached on his property, stolen a couple random items, and wreaked all the havoc she could without actually entering his house, a University of Arizona Police Department report stated.

A man living in the university area called UAPD officers to report that when he'd driven up his driveway that evening, he'd seen a strange young female wearing a high ponytail and shorts standing in his yard. As he pulled up to his gate, he said, she'd "rushed at him," demanding to know whether he lived there.

She allegedly moved and spoke in such an aggressive and "erratic" manner that he thought she might be "mentally ill or on drugs/alcohol" and was afraid she'd attack him. So he quickly exited his driveway and went to a public area to call the cops.

When officers escorted him home, the woman was gone—but she'd ripped all the cable and phone wires out of his junction box and had used his breaker box to turn off all his power.

She'd also left a path of destruction from his shed—in which she'd tossed around a bunch of clothing stored inside—to his porch, from whose floor she'd stolen a 20-gallon red plastic gas can and a decoration that had been hanging on his window's security bars. (Which he was probably very thankful for that evening.)

At the time of the report, officers hadn't found the woman.

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