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DEC. 8, 7:50 A.M.

An eastside homeowner fought with a passer-by—and his poor dog suffered when it intervened, according to a Pima County Sheriff's Department report.

The reportee said he had been inside his house when his dogs began "barking like crazy," so he went into his yard to see a person walking past with his own dogs—and the passer-by was letting his dogs fight with the reportee's dogs through the fence.

Told to get off the reportee's property, the passer-by became angry and yelled, "I'll hit you with a shovel!" He proceeded across the street, grabbed a shovel that happened to be nearby and swung it over his head, again yelling, "I'll hit you with a shovel!"

The homeowner grabbed a rock and threw it at the trespasser's chest, at which point one of the homeowner's dogs rushed at the trespasser. The trespasser hit the dog with the shovel. The dog was apparently not seriously injured.

At that point, for no apparent reason, the man with the shovel began to repeatedly shout at the property owner, "God forgives you!" and, "God forgives you, and I forgive you!"

The shouting, shovel-wielding man was apprehended by deputies and found to have a small abrasion where the rock (described as a "boulder") allegedly hit him.

A neighbor of the reportee said he was "a nice man, but very defensive of his property."

Both the shovel-swinger and the rock-thrower were arrested for assault.



DEC. 7, 4:01 A.M.

A stripper ended up running around naked in public after a quarrel with her boyfriend, a PCSD report stated.

Deputies responded to the TTT Truck Stop, 5451 E. Benson Highway, in response to a call that a nude female was being chased around the parking lot by a male wearing nothing but cream-colored boxer shorts.

Deputies found the female inside the store, still nude but covered by a couple of jackets. She said that she had been staying in a motel room with her boyfriend when he asked her about a number she had erased from her phone. She told him it was the number of a man for whom she had done a private exotic dance, and she did not want his number in her phone anymore. At that point, her boyfriend became very angry and started chasing her, she said. The reason she was naked was that she slept that way and hadn't had time to get dressed before running out of the room.

Deputies had not been able to arrest the male at the time of the report. He was last seen by witnesses heading eastbound on Benson Highway on foot in his cream-colored boxer shorts.

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