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One Thirsty Dude

Beware of a middle school kid stealing your blue Powerades. Make sure to waste the police department's time and resources by reporting this immediately.

Rincon Beat, April 29, 8:28 p.m.

A young man was found stuck in a family's garage, apparently in the middle of a burglary attempt—though all he nabbed was a single sports drink, a Pima County Sheriff's Department report said.

A sheriff's deputy at the family's home interviewed their 8-year-old-boy star witness, who'd gone into the garage to stash some toys after playtime outside. When he entered, he said, he saw a middle-school-age boy crouching down by the family's recycling bins, shout-whispering at him, "Ssshhhh! Let me out of here!" The younger boy obeyed, opening the garage door, and the older boy ran away into the darkness.

The 8-year-old's mother said the garage door had been open for quite awhile as her kids were playing out front, so the mischievous adolescent probably snuck in during that time to case the place—and then must've gotten trapped inside when she shut the garage. She said she hadn't believed her 8-year-old's story about the kid hiding in there until she'd looked around herself and found one item missing: a bottle of blue Powerade, valued at $1.29. That's when she called the police, she said.

Deputies were unable to retrieve fingerprints from the Powerade case that had contained the stolen bottle. They also performed a full search of the neighborhood for a male estimated to be in seventh grade, wearing a baseball cap and a backpack. Unfortunately, at the time of the report the preteen prowler was still at large.

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