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NOV. 22, 3:22 P.M.

A young man learned a lesson after lending out his parents' luxury vehicle for illicit errands, a Pima County Sheriff's Department report stated.

The teenager told a deputy that a friend of his was accusing him of stealing a backpack. He had gone to a rave in Phoenix the night before with some friends, he said, and had let a friend drive his parents' Lexus there while he rode in a different car. Instead of returning the Lexus, he said, his friend was now accusing him of stealing his backpack.

Asked how well he knew this "friend," the reportee admitted they had only been hanging out for a few months; he could not initially explain why he had loaned him his parents' Lexus.

Told that his story didn't add up, the young man tried again, telling the deputy he had, in fact, loaned his friend the vehicle a few days ago for a trip to Marana to pick up some "art supplies"—making quotation-mark gestures with his fingers as he explained. The deputy asked what he meant by "art supplies," and the teenager said, "You can fill in the blanks." The deputy said no, and to explain what he meant.

The reportee then said the purpose of the trip was to pick up drugs. (He, himself, did not do drugs, he insisted.) He guessed there were drugs in the backpack he was being accused of stealing.

Then the reportee began to get nervous, saying he did not want to snitch out his friends—because his "friends" could hurt him. The young man admitted he does not always hang out with the best of people, opting instead for "crack heads," because those were the only people who made him feel loved.

The car was reported as stolen, and the reportee was told to hang out with better people.



NOV. 17, 10:20 A.M.

A young woman was arrested after using a grocery store as a free personal salon, according to a PCSD report.

A deputy reported to a Safeway, where an employee reported that on a previous day, she had seen the woman in question painting her nails in the aisle with the store's nail polish. The woman agreed to pay for the nail polish, and the incident was forgotten.

But today, the employee stated, the same woman was seen taking makeup from the shelf, bringing it to the bathroom and emerging from the bathroom in full makeup. Before entering the bathroom, she had not been wearing makeup.

The woman admitted applying the makeup without paying for it and was booked for shoplifting.

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