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"I'll fucking kill you, lady," says Grumpy Grandpa
"I'll fucking kill you, lady," says Grumpy Grandpa

Foothills Beat, Feb. 11, 9:45 a.m.

A wheelchair-bound elderly gentleman showed the world he was anything but a helpless old man wielding violent words and a cane-turned-weapon against an adult-care facility's staff, a PCSD report stated.

Employees at a north-side senior-care home told sheriff's deputies on scene that they'd originally taken in the subject along with his wife, but she'd been transferred elsewhere after they'd seen him acting out toward her. Apparently the man missed her now, though, since he'd "demonstrated (escalating) behavioral issues."

Staff finally had to call law enforcement that day when the man insisted upon leaving the residence against medical advice. He was was angrily "rolling out of the facility" when they asked him to return to the office—though only to sign some paperwork—and he got so angry that he wheeled around to form a face-off with the employees who'd requested his signatures. Shouting that "if anyone tried to make him go back ... he would wrap his cane around their necks," he then threw said cane approximately 15 feet toward the staff, striking a nursing assistant on the leg.

This victim told deputies she wasn't injured and, although she thought the man "was aware of his actions and the consequences," she'd prefer he not be jailed.

Instead he was transported to a different adult-care facility.

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