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NOV. 9, 6:15 P.M.

A wife took a bite out of her husband's wrist when he tried to tape-record an argument, a Pima County Sheriff's Department report stated.

Deputies found the wife locked in the couple's bedroom. After they enticed her out, she explained that her husband had served her with divorce papers that afternoon. While they were arguing, she heard a beeping sound coming from his pocket. Though he denied it, she could tell it was a tape recorder. When she tried to grab it, she said, he held on to it so tightly that she had to bite his wrist to take it. Then she fled to the master bathroom to hide it.The husband's wrist was reportedly badly bitten and bleeding.

He alleged that since his wife was often saying untrue things about him, his divorce lawyer told him to make a recording of her talking. Meanwhile, the wife claimed that her own lawyer had told her to get the tape recorder from her husband.

The wife also stated that her husband could not be trusted due to him being on a lot of medication and "forgetting everything after 20 minutes."

As she was being arrested, the wife asked if she could go into the master bedroom to hide a few things from her husband first. Since she was being cooperative, deputies allowed her to do so. She was booked for domestic violence, disorderly conduct and assault.



NOV. 11, 9 P.M.

A couple engaged in a destructive dispute after the girlfriend became upset because her partner had bought a house for her, according to a PCSD report.

Deputies met with a female senior citizen, who reported that her live-in boyfriend had broken a door off of its hinges in the house they rented.

Her boyfriend of 10 years, an elderly Caucasian, said he had simply closed the door a little harder than he had intended, and it had fallen off its hinges.

According to both parties, an argument had started when the boyfriend suddenly announced that he had closed on a house that day. It was a gift for his girlfriend "in case anything happened to him." However, the girlfriend got extremely upset and refused to move into the new house. According to the boyfriend, she was "kind of stuck on living where they were living right now."

The deputy told him that when breaking news to someone about something big, one usually "takes a slightly different approach." The boyfriend admitted that buying the house and not telling her until afterward was a bit sudden.

He was arrested for domestic violence and criminal damage.

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