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That Is How She Hand-led It

Why is being an apartment complex manager so... complex?
Why is being an apartment complex manager so... complex?

Foothills Area, March 23, 10:35 a.m.

During a "chest-to-chest" confrontation with her apartment-complex manager, a paranoid tenant doled out quite a "tongue-lashing" ... to the manager's desk, according to a Pima County Sheriff's Department report.

A sheriff's deputy met with the manager, who said that morning she'd been working in her office when a female tenant barged in, accusing her of "having the government go into her apartment and go through her belongings."

The reportee said she told the woman she'd done nothing of the sort—but that while the tenant was in her office, she'd better inform her that she owed the complex $60.

Then, she said, the subject launched a verbal assault of inappropriate name-calling, which became a physical assault as she "poked her hard in the chest."

When the manager told the other woman to calm down, the tenant allegedly raised her hand to her face, thoroughly coated it with saliva from her tongue, and wiped her spit-covered palm in an arc across the office desk.

The manager said the woman exited the office upon command but returned almost immediately, and—in an aggressive manner, though without clear reasoning—lifted up her shirt, exposing her "chest area."

The reporting deputy went to join a fellow officer now on the scene interviewing the subject near a basketball court. When the woman saw the other deputy walking up, she yelled at him, "Stand down!"

The deputy did stop but was already close enough to participate in the interview, during which the woman denied poking anyone but admitted to licking her palm and wiping it across the desk. Asked why she did that, she said simply that "she was upset and that is how she handled it."

She thereafter became increasingly argumentative and unable to answer questions clearly, "making statements ... unrelated to the incident."

The reporting deputy determined he had probable cause to arrest the subject, who "continued to display erratic behavior and a ... quick change of moods" on the way to jail, where she was booked for disorderly conduct and assault. A search of her person turned up one set of house keys, one guitar pick and 11 cents.

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