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OCT. 4, 4:10 P.M.

A mentally handicapped man revealed his most intimate areas to strangers after getting angry for an unknown reason, according to a Pima County Sheriff's Department report.

The reportee told deputies that he had been in his neighborhood with his son and his son's friends when a ruckus occurred at the adult mental-care facility across the street. A resident of the facility was allegedly becoming belligerent, biting and spitting on staff members who were trying to get him into the building.

Then, the reportee said, the subject walked into the street toward his son, pulled his own pants down and "showed his butt." The reportee said he had seen "everything in front" (apparently referring to the subject's genitalia).

The boys reported that the subject had yelled the Spanish word for "nasty" at them before pulling down his pants. Asked if they had seen only his "butt cheeks" or if they'd seen his anus as well, the boys said they had definitely seen the anus.

When the deputy attempted to interview the subject, he started yelling, "Fuck you, bitch!" and spit at the wall.

The subject was not arrested due to mental illness.



OCT. 2, 10:40 A.M.

A man being arrested shared a convoluted conspiracy theory involving the arrest of all Pima County sheriff's deputies, a PCSD report stated.

PCSD got a call from Green Valley reporting that a man who had been screaming at his mother had just left her residence in a blue sedan.

The reporting deputy found the sedan and got behind it, at which point the sedan pulled over, and a 40-something man exited and rushed the deputy. He reportedly began yelling that another deputy was trying to harass him, continuing on to say that the Sheriff's Department was trying to frame him due to the fact that the CIA and military intelligence had arrested Sheriff Clarence Dupnik, and the sheriff was going to serve 30 years. The man then began to rant about "stolen secrets," mind control, and "stomach irritation rays."

Asked what had been going on at his mother's house, the subject admitted he had been "pissed off" at her and had broken a desk. According to the mother, he was going to mail some letters for her and had become enraged that she did not fold them according to his desires. After breaking the desk, he went to the post office with her mail.

En route to jail, he continued to yell about Sheriff Dupnik and said that all of the sheriff's deputies would be arrested following a military-intelligence investigation.

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