Police Dispatch


East Benson Highway

Sept. 26, 3:28 p.m.

A man loudly tearing apart his trailer with his bare hands was arrested in the process, a Pima County Sheriff's Department report stated.

A resident of the Palm Court Mobile Home Park told the Sheriff's Department that a young Caucasian male in the park was "flipping out" and possibly on drugs, screaming about killing everybody, throwing things and tearing his own trailer apart.

Deputies located the subject standing on top of a partially destroyed trailer, still yelling and hurling things around. Calming down and submitting to questioning, the subject explained that he owns his trailer and the trailer-park manager was allowing him to tear it down. He had been working on dismantling the trailer for several days. He apparently had no equipment to help him.

Asked about the screaming, the man said he had indeed been frequently yelling profanities, but not at anyone in particular. He said he had been cussing because, after all, he was trying to tear down an entire trailer by himself, and some of the wood was hard to break.

One neighbor accused the subject of threatening to kill him, but the subject denied any threats. He admitted he had thrown a cinder block that crushed the neighbor's lawn chair—but that was an accident, he said.

Anti-anxiety pills not prescribed to the subject were found in his pocket. He said they were for allergies. He was arrested for criminal damage and drug possession.


West Orange Grove Road

Sept. 24, 10:28 p.m.

A man very particular about his landscaping threw a branch-tossing tantrum when someone messily trimmed his tree, according to a PCSD report.

A couple living at a townhome complex told sheriff's deputies their neighbor had apparently become angry after the palm tree on his lot had been trimmed. He allegedly began throwing palm-tree branches in the couples' driveway and front patio, soon throwing the debris directly at them. One complainant sustained a small scratch.

The subject explained that he had not wanted the palm tree cut, but the couple next door had told management to trim it. He was angry, he said, when he found the tree on his lot cut and his yard left a mess. He takes pride in his yard, he said, and felt justified in throwing the wreckage at his neighbors. He did admit that the tree was the property of the townhome complex and it was not up to him whether it should be trimmed or not.

The reporting deputy told him his behavior was "definitely disorderly" and arrested the subject for disorderly conduct.

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