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AUG. 17, 7:31 P.M.

A man carrying a substantial wad of cash accused deputies of sleeping with a woman who had allegedly stolen from him, a Pima County Sheriff's Department report stated.

Deputies reported to the restaurant where the man said the theft had occurred. The reportee, a Caucasian male, said he had been having dinner with a woman he knew, and she took $300 in cash from him.

During drinks, he said, the woman had asked for a dollar for the jukebox, so he took a wad of $430 in cash from his pocket. Instead of taking one dollar from him, she allegedly took the whole wad, returning $130 before leaving with the rest of the money.

When deputies tried to contact the woman by phone, she called them back willingly and told them the reportee had given her $60 to take her daughter out to dinner; she had stolen nothing, she claimed.

Since deputies could not determine which side of the story was true, they did not arrest the woman. When they called the man to inform him of this, he answered the phone in an angry manner, saying, "What the fuck do you want, motherfucker?" When the deputy identified himself and said the woman would not be arrested, the man got even angrier, accusing deputies of making a habit of "fucking" the alleged thief. He then accused the deputy on the phone of being with the woman at that very moment.

The deputy told him that if he had any complaints regarding deputies' behavior, he should contact the Internal Affairs Unit. The man said he would.



AUG. 19, 6 A.M.

A man staying at his girlfriend's house awoke to find his personal belongings oddly sabotaged, a PCSD report said.

The man reported that he and his girlfriend had gone to bed the night before around 11 p.m., and he woke up around 4:30 a.m. to go to work. When he went to get his belt and wallet, which he had left on the kitchen counter, he found that someone had used his girlfriend's kitchen knife to slice up the belt. The belt buckle was found in the trash can. Someone had also gone through his wallet, removing his identification and placing it face-up on the counter. No money in the wallet had been taken.

Deputies saw the evidence and asked the girlfriend if she had an ex who might have entered the house and done this while she and her boyfriend were asleep; she said no. The girlfriend herself was apparently not a suspect.

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