Police Dispatch

Ritzy Ride, Despicable Driver

East First Street

Oct. 29, 4:05 p.m.

Two women got a graphic glimpse of a "scruffy" man in a snazzy car masturbating while cruising right past them in full daylight, a University of Arizona Police Department report stated.

One of the women told a UA officer that afternoon, she and her female friend had been walking through a parking lot on East First Street when a "nice" new silver sedan with black rims and heavily tinted windows pulled up behind them, then next to them, and she could see a man, probably in his 20s, in the driver's seat looking over at them—since the window on the passenger side, where they were walking, was rolled down. She said the man was definitely masturbating as he pulled up next to them; in fact, she could see his exposed penis.

He was wearing reading glasses as he masturbated, the reportee said.

She described him as a thin man, probably tall, and in his 20s. Though he was driving a fancy car, she said, his face was allegedly covered in "scruff."

As soon as the two women saw him masturbating, they walked quickly in the other direction—and (luckily), the car had stopped and remained parked in the middle of the lot as they fled on foot.

The reporting officer searched the parking lot and surrounding area but couldn't find the car or anyone fitting the subject's description. The reportee didn't want to press charges anyway but said she could identify the subject if she saw him again.

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