Police Dispatch

Grabby Cad Nabbed

East University Boulevard

Sept. 21, 7:30 p.m.

After allegedly gyrating against an office window (among other odd and salacious behaviors), a man was barred from University of Arizona property, ending his long run of enjoying the campus' superior air conditioning and ogling coeds, said a UA Police Department report.

Two UA officers responded to the Bear Down Gym, 1428 E. University Blvd., to deal with a non-student who wouldn't leave one of the tutoring rooms, according to a tutor on duty there. The tutor said the man—who had no backpack or other studying materials—started to yell and refused to leave after she repeatedly asked him to show his ID and sign in (which he wouldn't do).

Officers found the man outside the room, possibly drunk or on drugs as shown by his unsteadiness on his feet, which eventually caused him to sit down on the ground. While sitting there, he saw that the tutor who'd reported him was still nearby, made eye contact with her, and said ominously (while pointing, according to one witness): "You. I'm going to get you."

One officer told him not to threaten anyone; he retorted "he could do what wanted" and "did not need to follow rules, so "he was not going to." He seemed unfazed when, after obtaining his driver's license, officers obtained records noting that, in 2014, he'd been caught requesting sex from women and then "grabb(ing) them."

After explaining he "comes to the UA to use the air conditioning and pick up girls," the man refused to talk anymore or answer questions.

The subject's clothing and physical characteristics exactly matched those of a man reported earlier to be "humping" the window of a UA office and wandering in and out of various other offices, "appearing to be under the influence."

The man was issued a six-month exclusionary order from the UA and transported to the Pima County Jail for third-degree trespassing.

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