Police Dispatch



JUNE 30, 4:18 P.M.

A man who engaged in sexual activity with two unfamiliar women—and who claims he did not intend to purchase their services—ended up paying dearly anyway, according to a Pima County Sheriff's Department report.

When interviewed, the reportee said he had been robbed after picking up two unknown women at a Carl's Jr. One woman, a 40-year-old with dark hair and a "pouch belly," told him she worked at a "T&A bar"; the other was a younger blond woman troubled with acne. He said the women mentioned paying them for sex, but he told them he would not do that. He then brought them to his house to "fool around."

When asked if he'd had sex with them, he said he was "going to have to make a statement (something like) that of Clinton." He admitted he removed his pants at one point, and both women were "playing with him." During activity with one woman, he said, the other must have removed $20 from his wallet, along with two credit cards. Unaware that this had occurred, when they were done "playing," he returned both women to the Carl's Jr. He later learned that they had made enough purchases with his credit cards to constitute a felony.

The reportee mentioned that at one point, the older woman had told him a "sob story" about her car being blown up and asked to borrow his. He refused.

He admitted a lot of people in his position would not want to report the incident.



JUNE 30, 7:01 P.M.

A Jamaican apparently running a sweepstakes scam threatened the lives of two subjects who shunned their supposed winnings, a PCSD report stated.

The reportee said she got a call from a phone number from Jamaica; the caller told her she'd won something, and she hung up on him. After three more calls and three more hang-ups, he called back again, apparently angry, and said he was only a few blocks away and was "going to come and kill everyone."

When he called a fifth time, he had calmed down, and reportedly said: "Listen, you sound like a nice lady," and insisted she needed to listen to what she had won. When she told him to stop calling, he became verbally aggressive again.

When she put her husband on the phone, the caller became even more irate: "Get the fuck off the phone, or I'll fuck you up and fucking kill you."

When a deputy called the subject's phone number, a man with a thick Jamaican accent told the deputy that he had just won $2 million and a 1999 Mercedes.

Law enforcement could not locate the man.