Police Dispatch

A Very Bad Trip

Foothills Area

Sept. 14, 4:53 p.m.

Cops effectively helped rescue a woman from what must've been a horrific psychological experience, according to a Pima County Sheriff's Department report.

Sheriff's deputies responded to a north-side Circle K convenience store, whose clerk told them a woman who "did not appear to be well" had wanted to buy a bottle of whiskey. When he wouldn't sell it because she lacked ID, she announced plans to steal it, but the clerk grabbed the bottle before she could.

He said she then asked him to call the police—because, she said, "she was bleeding all over the place"—so he did, despite her not-at-all-bloody appearance. Before he got far with his call, the woman had already left the store and boarded a white van.

The deputies located the van nearby and pulled over the driver, who said the subject had rushed out of the store requesting his help, so he was driving her to the hospital. The woman then emerged from the vehicle, "acting erratic" and unable to keep still.

When one deputy asked what was happening, she again said she was "bleeding all over the place," expounding that she'd just been jumped and repeatedly punched in the face, though she didn't look injured. She said the person who punched her "was behind her eyeballs beating her now" and, asked where the blood was, held up her sleeve, "which had her mucous and spit on it." She then suddenly plopped facedown on the ground without explanation.

Again asked who struck her, this time she said she didn't know but "she was full of blood" (at which point the deputy noticed her shirt was red). Once more asked where the blood was, she rubbed her saliva- and mucous-covered sleeve on the deputy's bare arm.

Finally queried about drug involvement, the woman declared she'd been awake for five days on methamphetamine and was currently drunk and on mushrooms.

Luckily, paramedics had arrived and the woman was released, though a couple legal citations went with her in the ambulance.

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