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SnapChat That!

East First Street

Aug. 12, 10:02 p.m.

SnapChat helped nab a drunk man who'd disrupted a party by screaming obscenities and exposing his penis, stated a University of Arizona Police Department report.

UA officers reported to the Kappa Sigma house, 1423 E. First St., where people at a party complained that a man in the parking lot adjacent to the house was cavorting around with a backpack full of beer, yelling at party goers, shrieking random obscenities and dropping his pants to show his genitals. He's run away and was last seen going westbound on Speedway Boulevard.

Nobody in the frat house wanted to press charges against the man—in fact, it seemed attendees had kind of enjoyed his antics, considering that one of them had taken a SnapChat video of the subject. But officers used this video to identify the subject—a male wearing a white shirt and baggy pants (which he dropped at one point)—and ultimately apprehend him a few blocks away.

He was jailed for disorderly conduct.

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