Police Dispatch



APRIL 8, 10:17 P.M.

A southwest-side homeowner suffered through odd instances of vandalism after calling the police on an attacker, a Pima County Sheriff's Department report stated.

The homeowner said he had gone outside one day to find his front yard covered with layers of trash. He believed the perpetrator was an ex-boyfriend of his niece who had once lived at the house. He once got into a domestic dispute with this ex-boyfriend, he said, after which he called the police, because the ex-boyfriend had bashed him in the face.

Following this incident, the niece's ex-boyfriend moved out, and the victim and his family had been experiencing acts of vandalism ever since. Once, he said, he came home to find his backyard walkway spray-painted with the words "fucking cop callers." Another time, he and his family found urine poured all over the backyard, the front yard and his vehicles. The urine had apparently been poured out of a soda-pop bottle.

The reportee had no proof that his niece's ex-boyfriend had done any of these acts, but he was pretty sure. He was told to contact the Sheriff's Department if the vandalism continued.



APRIL 6, 11:14 P.M.

Numerous residents of a Benson Highway trailer park got into a violent feud over a kitten in poor health, according to a PCSD report.

The reporting deputy arrived to find nine people gathered in front of a residence; one of the subjects was apparently armed with a hammer. Another subject was extremely drunk and could barely stand; he was found to be in possession of marijuana and a knife.

Asked what was going on, a woman said she and her housemates had been sitting outside when two of her neighbors approached and started yelling at each other—"something about a sick cat," she said. A fight ensued.

Apparently, a resident who owned a litter of kittens had wanted his neighbor to help nurse one kitten—who had diarrhea—back to health. That neighbor was chosen because he had previously tended to a different sick kitten, from a different litter (though that kitten had died). The kitten's owner said he could not take care of it himself, because he had been told to feed it peanut butter, and he could not stand the smell of peanut butter. However, his neighbor did not want to take care of the kitten, either.

The drunk subject with the knife was arrested, and the kitten was confiscated by Pima County Animal Control.

The report noted that throughout deputies' interviews with those involved, kittens were running around the area "unsupervised."