Police Dispatch

One Attack, Two Arrests

East Sliding Rock Road, March 6, 2:31 p.m.

An intoxicated senior citizen, apparently sick of his in-home caretaker, called police after attacking her with his mobility device, according to a PCSD report.

In his call to dispatchers, the reportee announced that "there was a crazy lady yelling at him," with a knife, in his house. He indicated that he was an elderly man and that the lady was his caretaker; the call was then ended.

Arriving at the man's residence, deputies found the reportee lounging on the couch having a casual conversation with a female, soon identified as the "crazy lady." The two were separated and interviewed; the reportee said that the caretaker had been holding a knife and was telling him to get away from her, although she wasn't actually threatening him with the knife. The man then admitted that not much had happened other than a verbal argument, and that he contacted law enforcement because his caretaker had been calling him a "lazy old man," and he wanted her to leave. He also reportedly admitted that he'd been drinking. The deputy interviewing him noticed a broken fan on the floor and asked what happened; the reportee declined to give a good explanation.

The caretaker reportedly told deputies that the reportee had attacked her. The fan was broken, she said, when the old man hit her with his walker. He had been "eating pills like candy"—the very medication she was supposed to be dispensing to him—and drinking all day long. The man denied attacking his caretaker with his walker, but she had a large bruise on her arm to back up her story.

The man was arrested for domestic violence; after a background check on the caretaker, she was arrested, too—for a felony warrant.

Rubbed the Wrong Way

Sahuarita, March 6, 5:41 p.m.

A school-bus bully chose a gross way to harass one of his fellow passengers, a PCSD report stated.

The victim's mother said her 15-year-old son had come home from school visibly upset. On the bus that day, he said, a thin, sports-playing blond boy approached him and demanded that he pay him the money he owed him—though the victim said he did not owe the bully any money. The blond boy then told the victim that he needed to buy him some Pop Tarts and a Monster energy drink. The aggressor then proceeded to stick his hand down his own pants, rub his genitals and then rub the genital-touching hand repeatedly and forcefully over the victim's face.

The victim said he should have punched the blond boy.

Deputies were awaiting a surveillance video from the bus at the time of the report.