Police Dispatch

Self-Medication in Action

East Alvord Road, Feb. 16, 10:56 p.m.

A man damaged several homes, including his own, after replacing his prescription drugs with illegal ones, according to a Pima County Sheriff's Department report.

Deputies went to a southside trailer park to investigate reports of a male subject running around and hitting doors with a shovel. Deputies found the man shirtless at his trailer, where he told them that someone was trying to break into his home. He showed deputies where his wall appeared to have been kicked violently, and explained that he had been kicking his own wall from the inside, because someone else had been trying to kick it from the outside, and he just was trying to hold it up.

Asked if he was on any medications for mental illness, the subject stated that he was prescribed several but was not taking them at the time. Instead, he admitted, he had been smoking methamphetamine and had not slept for three days. The reason, he said, was that he needed to be up and alert because of the people trying to break into his trailer.

The man was arrested for criminal damage.

The Devil's Drug?

South Tree Frog Place, Feb. 22, 6:43 p.m.

A homeowner's Satan impersonation greatly disturbed his neighbors, a PCSD report said.

Deputies interviewed several of the neighbors, who all said he had been screaming for some time that evening. One neighbor heard the subject yelling, "I am gathering all the souls from heaven!" Another said she had been walking down the street when the subject yelled out, "I see you! I know where you live! ... I will come to your door!" Yet another neighbor had been sitting on her back patio when she heard someone yelling repeatedly, "I am Satan! I am the gateway to hell! Where is your mother? I am going to kill her!"

When deputies tried to meet with the subject at his residence, he flailed his arms around uncontrollably until he was subdued and handcuffed.

Deputies found several used marijuana pipes at the residence.

Rude Awakening

West Kessler Place, Feb. 22, 5:55 p.m.

A sleeping woman was roused by an unpleasant surprise, a PCSD report stated.

The reportee said her sleep was interrupted at approximately 5:30 a.m. by something hitting her leg. Since it did not hurt, she thought nothing of it until that afternoon, when she went to take a nap--and found a bullet on her comforter, apparently from a 9 mm or .40-caliber gun. Looking up, she saw a small hole in her ceiling, through which the bullet had apparently entered.

The incident was documented and connected with a shots-fired call that had occurred that morning.

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