Police Dispatch

Livin' on the Edge

West Ina Road, Dec. 14, 10:14 p.m.

An oddly named loiterer with an equally odd method of soliciting money was a nuisance at a northwest-side convenience store, a Pima County Sheriff's Department report said.

According to the report, a deputy at the end of his shift stopped at the Circle K at the intersection of Ina and Shannon roads, where he encountered an intoxicated Hispanic male sitting with a silver beer can. Asked his name, the subject said it was "Aero Smith"; the deputy told him that if he was not able to produce identification proving his name, he could be charged with lying to law enforcement. However, the subject pulled out a legitimate Arizona ID card stating that Aero Smith was indeed his legal moniker--and it turned out that he was the subject of a recent loitering complaint made by the Circle K.

On-duty deputies soon arrived and interviewed Aero, who stated that about a week ago, a friend of his had gotten upset with him and left him at that location, and he was just trying to get home. He said he was trying to make it to the freeway (though he had reportedly been seen walking away from the freeway).

One deputy asked him if the beer he was drinking was good; he replied that it was and picked up the can to take a drink. He was then intercepted by another officer, who took the can away and told him that public drinking was illegal.

Another deputy interviewed the store's clerk, who said Aero had been loitering for some time, not only asking people for money, but videotaping them with a camcorder (possibly stolen).

Deputies found and confiscated the camcorder, and Aero Smith was transported to jail.

Playing Without Paying

North Oracle Road, Dec. 10, 2:50 a.m.

A pool-playing bar patron who could not pay his tab had a dubious reason for thinking he was above law-enforcement personnel, according to a PCSD report.

A sheriff's deputy was dispatched to Putney's Sports Saloon, 6090 N. Oracle Road, where he spoke with a waitress who said that the subject had been playing pool and drinking with a small party of men all night long. Every time she asked him to pay his tab, she said, he told her he was too busy playing pool.

The subject said he had arrived at the bar with one friend, but "two people turned into five, and five turned into 10," and before he knew it, the waitress was demanding he pay a $32 tab--which wasn't all his.

Then he reportedly became defensive and haughty. "You don't know who you're messing with," he declared. "You'll be sorry." He then stated that he was Steven Spielberg's children's tennis coach.

The subject was cited for theft and banned from the establishment.

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