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Meanie in a Green Bikini

San Xavier Beat

July 4, 4:19 p.m.

A middle-aged woman wearing a bikini made a scene while buying cigarettes at a convenience store, yelling at other customers, "getting in (people's) faces" and threatening a clerk, according to a Pima County Sheriff's Department report.

Two sheriff's deputies responded to a southwest-side Circle K to confront the woman, described as a 60-year-old Caucasian female wearing shorts and a green bikini, possibly drunk or on drugs.

One deputy met with the clerk, who said the woman came into the store "acting weird to the customers and freaking them out"; she then bought cigarettes and lottery tickets and left—only to start harassing customers outside, in particular screaming at some random people in a parked truck.

The reportee went out to tell the woman to go away, but instead she followed the clerk back inside and started trailing her around the store, mostly "yelling nonsense," although at one point she screamed something about a parade, and that she "was going to get her." She didn't leave the store, the clerk said, until she called 911.

Meanwhile, the other deputy was interviewing the subject, who'd immediately approached him upon seeing his patrol car and said, "Please don't take me in. I was only celebrating the Fourth of July."

When asked how she was celebrating, she said she was "just having a little fun with the employees at the Circle K, and they were very rude." She denied following around the reportee, saying she'd only gone back in the store because she forgot her soda inside.

But other store employees apparently backed up the reportee's story that the woman was "screaming, yelling and being very disruptive," and security-camera footage showed the subject acting aggressively toward another customer in line, clearly making them uncomfortable by "intruding in (their) personal space."

The woman wasn't jailed but was cited for disorderly conduct and trespassed from the Circle K property.

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