Police Dispatch

Ex-Con Con?


South Wilmot Road

July 7, 10:21 p.m.

A correctional officer wanting pizza in prison (where he worked) was oddly defrauded through a hoax linked to one of the prison's former inmates, a Pima County Sheriff's Department report stated.

The reportee told a sheriff's deputy that during his evening shift at Wilmot State Prison, 1000 S. Wilmot Road., he'd called Domino's and ordered a pizza to be delivered to him there. After some time had passed and he called to check on his order, Domino's said "the pizza was on its way"—but after he'd waited even longer and called again, a customer-service representative told him it had now been delivered ... but not to the prison.

The rep explained that before delivering the pizza, the driver had called the phone number on record for the reportee's credit card, and the person who'd answered had requested delivery to a home address, apparently in Vail. Someone at that address had already accepted the pizza and signed to pay for it—to the tune of $37.40—using the reportee's credit-card number.

The C.O. said he'd then run a records-check on the address where someone else was eating his pizza, learning that the homeowner there had been a frequent visitor of an inmate at the Wilmot State Prison 10 years ago—possibly the person, or a friend of the person, who'd made the fraudulent credit-card charge.

Considering the time that had passed, the reporting PCSD deputy and the corrections officer agreed there was insufficient proof that the prison's old charge had made the charge. Luckily, the C.O. had only really wanted to report the incident to help him get a refund for his (expensive) pizza—which he did.

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