Police Dispatch

Caught Blue-appendaged

West Fort Lowell Road

July 10, 2:19 a.m.

A young man used the most tenuous of technicalities to truthfully state he didn’t self-inject drugs—even having been caught among overwhelming evidence to the contrary, according to a University of Arizona Police Department report.

A UA officer pulled the subject over near Fort Lowell Road and Campbell Avenue, seeing that his vehicle’s license plate wasn’t valid (and subsequently learning that his driver’s license wasn’t either).

Upon a vehicle search, the officer found three syringes (of the type commonly used for drug injection), an elastic band (of the type commonly used to “tie off” during drug injection) and a plastic orange pill bottle filled with water (which is commonly used to flush needles after drug injection).

Despite these items’ presence, and the subject’s arms being covered with obvious track marks and blue-ish bruises, he kept insisting that he didn’t inject drugs—he was just holding the needles for a diabetic friend. Questioned further, the young man admitted that he did sometimes use drugs (particularly meth)—but, he maintained, he didn’t inject it.

Finally, after many minutes of grilling by the officer, he explained that while the needles didn’t belong to him, “they may have been used to inject meth” into his body … because he “has other people inject for him.”

He was cited and released for drug-paraphernalia possession and driving on a revoked license. Car was impounded.

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