Police Dispatch

Nearly Had His Pants Beaten Off

South Camino de la Tierra

June 27, 3:03 p.m.

A bloody, sunburned man was soon rescued after he was seen on a major street with his pants falling off, allegedly after a random assault, a Pima County Sheriff's Department report stated.

A sheriff's deputy responded to the south-side for an indecent-exposure call describing a shirtless, 40-year-old male walking—or, more likely, shuffling—northbound on Camino de la Tierra with his pants around his ankles. Another caller provided an update on the male's location, saying he'd arrived at a Circle K on Valencia Road with his face covered in blood. (This caller didn't mention the man's pants—or lack thereof.)

The deputy immediately spotted the subject at the scene, recognizing him as someone he'd met multiple times. At this point, the subject was wearing pants—properly secured around his waist—but his face was indeed bloody.

Asked what had happened, the man said he'd been the victim of an assault that had occurred "possibly that morning ... he did not know where, but it was in the desert somewhere." As he'd been lying there in the desert, he explained further, "an unknown homeless person" had "appeared on top of him" and, for no apparent reason, pounded him in the face with a rock and then left.

The reporting deputy didn't see any obvious signs of intoxication in the subject.

After the man accepted a bottle of water from the deputy—since, beneath the blood, he looked sunburned and dehydrated—he agreed to let the Fire Department take him to the hospital for his injuries, after which he was to be transported to the Crisis Response Center (where others had been trying to push him to go, essentially to get help with avoiding law enforcement in future).

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