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July 2, 10:10 p.m.

A wigged-out woman and an immobilized man (dripping blood) were apprehended on the edge of town possessing meth pipes but no meth, and bullets but no guns, according to a Pima County Sheriff's Department report.

Two sheriff's deputies responded to a far-west-side Giant gas station regarding a woman parked there, in the driver's seat of a car, "freaking out and possibly on drugs."

Upon arrival, deputies saw the woman sitting backward in her seat, "bouncing up and down," and frantically "digging through clothing ... and her purse" while "throwing stuff around" the vehicle "with no manner of organization whatsoever." (Asked about all the activity, she claimed to be looking for her driver's license—though she apparently hadn't yet been asked for it.)

When she exited the vehicle upon command, one deputy noted "she could barely stand still. ... She would bend over, bend backwards, bend sideways, bend her knees ... twisting her head at odd angles and moving her arms in a very jerky fashion"—movements immediately deemed "consistent with the ingestion of methamphetamine."

Meanwhile, a male on the passenger side of the car was lying down in a fully reclined seat holding a napkin to his head, which was bleeding profusely; dried blood covered much of his body and the car's interior. When he was asked to exit the vehicle, he said he couldn't get up at all.

(One deputy summarized the situation aptly: "The male subject did not appear to be able to be moving, and the female subject appeared to not be able to stop moving.")

The deputies saw an entire box of .40-caliber ammunition in the car's backseat, but the woman denied possessing any firearms—and none were found.

Deputies also located two meth pipes containing white residue on the car's floorboards—yet no meth was found either.

The reportee said she'd called 911 after she first pulled into the Giant's parking lot and saw the woman in the adjacent car acting bizarrely—"touching her face in a strange manner and ducking or hiding," with "eyes the size of golf balls." She said at one point this woman "turned 360 degrees in the seat with her seatbelt on," behavior she described as "shocking" and "something she'd only seen on television." She said she'd barely glimpsed the male in the passenger's seat, since he was lying back and not moving.

Both subjects denied ever having used meth, although the woman—who repeatedly failed multiple field-sobriety tests—admitted she'd had a few drinks, stating she'd had to take over driving for the male after he "fell down." (Her companion also explained his serious injuries by simply stating he'd "fallen down."

The male was taken to the hospital and the female was taken to jail, where he blood was drawn to determine her level of intoxication (after she said "she would not consent" to a blood draw, but they "could have her blood").

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