Police Dispatch

Who Is the Nut?

East Grace Lane, Sahuarita, Nov. 19, 1 a.m.

A man reporting his ex-fiancée's crazy behavior was accused of crazy behavior in return, according to a Pima County Sheriff's Department report.

Deputies arrived at the man's residence to see the floor covered with torn-up paper. The reportee said he had arrived home the night before to find four letters stuck to his mattress with a knife, all written by his ex-fiancée; one letter was illustrated with a broken heart, and the others declared that he had "lost everything." He tore up the letters and entered the bathroom, where both mirrors were covered in writing commanding him not to call. Items on his dresser had been knocked over and broken.

The reportee admitted that he left his ex a voicemail message full of "not nice words" after finding the letters.

When the deputy called the reportee's ex-fiancée, she admitted she had gone to the man's house to get some items and check on her dog. She said she had been receiving bizarre and harassing phone calls from her ex, who sometimes told her he missed her, and sometimes lost control and yelled. She admitted writing the messages on his mirrors, declaring that they could be easily removed, since they were written with a marker. She also said the letters allegedly stuck to her ex's mattress were, in fact, old letters that had already been ripped up.

She said she was scared of her ex and that she was seeking an order of protection against him because he was insane. The reporting deputy noticed she became increasingly nervous while speaking.

Before ending the call, the fiancée said she did not ever want to return to her ex's house--and that he could keep the dog.

Driver Drenching

North Thornydale Road, Nov. 20, 2:04 p.m.

An irate tailgater wasted a soft drink in a confrontation with a fellow driver, a PCSD report said.

The reportee said he had been driving eastbound on Cortaro Farms Road near Interstate 10 when a tan Chevrolet Tahoe began tailgating him, trying to pass. Instead of allowing the vehicle to pass, the reportee drove faster, exceeding the speed limit; the Tahoe continued to tailgate him.

When both cars neared a red light, the Tahoe pulled up next to the reportee's car, and the Tahoe's driver threw a medium-sized McDonald's drink cup full of soda through the reportee's car window, splashing the reportee and his upholstery.

Both drivers pulled over; the driver of the Tahoe exited his vehicle, approached the reportee and said, "Fuck you! I'll fuck you up! You're dead."

The reportee said he recognized the Tahoe driver from a previous incident, in which the driver threw a large brick through the reportee's rear car window.

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