Police Dispatch

Inn Trouble

East Irvington Road, Nov. 13, 11:24 a.m.

An oddly dressed man revealed too much at a local motel, according to a Pima County Sheriff's Department report.

The reporting deputy went to the Red Roof Inn, 3704 E. Irvington Road, where a staff member told him she had noticed a strange, tall white male pacing up and down in front of a series of rooms on the motel's lower level. She thought this was unusual, especially since he was wearing a white short-sleeve shirt, black shorts and goggles. She did not know whether he was a guest at the facility.

The deputy made contact with the motel's maintenance person, who said she had seen the goggle-clad man enter the maintenance room, at which point she told him to get out. In reply, the man pulled down his black shorts and exposed his genitals before leaving in an unknown direction.

Sheriff's deputies were unable to find any sign of the man in the area.

The Story of Ricky and George

North Mona Lisa Road, Nov. 12, 10:37 p.m.

Two robbery suspects escaped charges for that crime--but were found to be far from innocent, a PCSD report said.

The communications unit informed deputies of a 911 call in which the caller had apparently meant to hang up the phone, but failed to do so. On the line, the call-taker heard two males, one of whom was called George, arguing about having never robbed a convenience store before. One man was apparently accusing the other of turning him in to the authorities for being a thief.

Arriving at the residence where the call originated, deputies met with a highly intoxicated man named George, who said he had accidentally called 911 and that the robbery conversation was a misunderstanding. He would not explain further. Whenever the deputy looked at George, he reportedly would raise his hands up toward his shoulders and get a surprised expression on his face.

The other person heard in the phone call, a man named Ricky, told deputies that George had pulled a handgun on him. Deputies found the gun under a pillow near George, who at first denied possessing the gun during the argument, but then stated that he had held it near his leg at the time. When the reporting deputy pointed out his self-contradiction, George said he had been in a serious accident and had memory problems. (However, he seemed to remember everything else well, the report noted.)

After receiving permission to search George's residence, deputies found two foot-tall marijuana plants and a baggie containing marijuana seeds, which Ricky said were his.

The plants and seeds were seized as evidence, along with the handgun. No further clues about a convenience-store robbery were forthcoming.

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