Police Dispatch

The Light Shineth No More

North Valley View Road, Nov. 1, 3:43 p.m.

A mentally disturbed man vandalized a church, according to a Pima County Sheriff's Department report.

A witness associated with the church told deputies that she had talked with an unknown male about church services that morning. A short while later, she saw the same man exiting the church with armfuls of church newsletters and prayer books. She told him he could not take the materials; he responded that he needed them for recycling, and then walked away.

Two nearby churchgoers later found him in the parking lot and attempted to stop him, but he drove off. However, one witness photographed him.

The subject apparently caused some damage in the church, ripping out a light bulb and destroying the light fixture. In the same area, a large rock had been placed at the feet of a statue of a saint; a small rock was found in the statue's hand.

Newsletters and prayer books were found scattered in the church restrooms, along with a number of pens, screwdrivers, the cover of a pornographic movie and a driver's license; the photo matched the picture of the suspect taken by the witness. One of the screwdrivers was labeled with the last name displayed on the driver's license, and the ripped-out light bulb was found on the floor.

The suspect's father was located, but the suspect was not. Church representatives felt bad that the suspect obviously needed psychiatric help; however, they wanted to press charges for the damage to the light socket.

The Writing's on the Wall

North Lena Way, Nov. 1, 9:13 a.m.

Graffiti in a young girl's bedroom led to the discovery of other possible criminal behavior, a PCSD report showed.

Sheriff's deputies were called to the girl's residence after a report of a fight. The girl was found in her bedroom with another female and three boys, all of whom were wearing red. The walls of the room were covered with tagging done in silver paint, including the words "West" and "Blood," as well as phrases like "I love Larry." Names written on the wall included "Stix," "Slim," "Izuzoo" and "Bird."

All subjects attempted to leave the residence, but the reportee's daughter was held back (after much yelling by her mother). Deputies received permission to examine her cell phone, which contained pictures of tagging identical to that in the bedroom--only the photos were taken in public, some showing the actual tagging taking place, and some depicting underage drinking and youths "grabbing each other inappropriately."

The reportee's daughter was arrested for criminal damage and domestic violence. En route to jail, she denied that her nickname was "Slim"; however, she got extremely upset when the reporting deputy made fun of the name.

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