Police Dispatch

Sweet 17

West Sunlight Lane, Oct. 8, 11:36 p.m.

A young couple lounging by the pool went too far with a public display of affection, a Pima County Sheriff's Department report said.

Sheriff's deputies were dispatched to a northwest-side apartment complex, where a caller had reported that two people were having sex near the whirlpool spa. Deputies entered the pool area and encountered a female subject, completely nude, straddling a male subject with his pants still up around his waist. Upon discovery, the female immediately rolled off the male and accepted assistance in donning her clothing.

After interviewing both subjects, it was determined that they were friends, and their activities were consensual; however, the female was only 17 years old (but turning 18 in one week).

The male, who was 20, was released at the scene; the female was picked up by a family friend since her parents were out of town.

Can't Choose Your Neighbors

East Observatory Drive, Oct. 6, 12:23 a.m.

A professed hatred of law-enforcement officers drove a woman to repeatedly disturb the peace of her police-officer neighbor, according to a PCSD report.

Sheriff's deputies were called to the scene and observed three individuals in the driveway of the reportee's house, as well as one female sitting near the street, who was yelling loudly with slurred speech. One of the deputies interviewed the reportee--apparently a police officer--who said that for the past year, he'd had an ongoing problem with the female subject. Whenever she became intoxicated, he said, she would go to the front of her property and loudly yell profanities in the direction of his house, often using his name.

These episodes became even more frequent a few months ago, the reportee said, after she had been cited for some type of dog-related infraction (nothing the reportee seemed to have anything to do with). Tonight, he said, she had been cursing God, repeatedly making statements such as "take me away" and using the term "motherfucker" multiple times. She had reportedly been yelling and stumbling around on her property and in the street for at least half an hour.

The subject would not reveal personal information to responding deputies, instead repeating: "Fuck the police." When she discovered she was going to be arrested, she became very upset, saying it was all because a cop lived next door. She refused to get in a PCSD vehicle, stiffening her limbs and saying nothing but that she wanted a cigarette and that she should not be arrested.

She was taken to jail and booked for disturbing the peace.

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