Police Dispatch

Teachers Need Better Pay

South Camino de la Tierra, Sept. 29, 11:54 a.m.

A young boy assaulted two elementary-school employees after being caught fooling around on a school computer, according to a Pima County Sheriff's Department report.

A sheriff's deputy was called to Miller Elementary School, 6951 S. Camino de la Tierra, where a teacher's assistant reported that she had been helping a teacher monitor a fifth-grade class that was using the computers in the library. She heard strange noises emanating from one of the computers and found that a fifth-grade boy was watching cartoons, which he was not allowed to do.

Upon seeing the teacher's assistant--with no provocation at all, she reported--the boy then punched her in the face with his right fist, knocking her glasses off. When the fifth-grade class' teacher came to help her restrain the boy, he grabbed the metal chain necklace around her neck and pulled it off, throwing it to the ground after nearly strangling her. He threw a punch with his left fist that landed on the right side of the teacher's face.

The reporting deputy attempted to interview the boy in the "timeout room," but he would not acknowledge the deputy's presence. He was cited with two counts of assault and criminal damage.

Time to Crack Down on Mom

North Camino Pico Vista, Oct. 2, 11:02 a.m.

An emotionally disturbed and highly intoxicated woman threatened to force her adult daughter to ingest illegal substances, a PCSD report said.

The subject's daughter, who lived with her, reported that earlier that day, her mother had come home in a state of extreme agitation, yelling, slamming doors and even breaking the "e" off a "Welcome" sign near the house's front door. When the daughter asked her to calm down, she reported, the mother inexplicably said, "Do not tell me to calm down; I am going to make you take crack."

The woman's neighbor reported that she had gone to the subject's house to check on things at the request of the woman's daughter. When the neighbor arrived, she found the subject stumbling around the house, bumping into things and mumbling words that did not "fit into a correct sentence format."

The subject's daughter alleged that her mother was not only drunk but also probably on pain medication not prescribed to her, which she had stolen from her own mother--the reportee's grandmother--two weeks before.

When sheriff's deputies arrived at the house, they found the woman quite obviously drunk and proceeded to arrest her for domestic violence, disorderly conduct, threats and intimidation. As the subject was being led to the deputies' vehicle, she yelled back at her daughter, "I cannot believe you called the cops. Your ass is grass."

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