Police Dispatch

If the Puppy Could Talk

South Palo Verde Road, Sept. 17, 10:10 a.m.

Sheriff's deputies discovered the remnants of a Web-based prostitution ring at a local motel, according to a Pima County Sheriff's Department report.

Deputies were called to the Holiday Inn and met with a somewhat evasive reportee, who explained that he went to the motel because of a "club" he had joined online. After he met the people in the "club" and gave them $200, he said, he discovered it was, in fact, a prostitution ring and decided he wanted his money back.

Three deputies forced their way into one of the rooms where the reported activity was occurring and encountered three subjects--one male and two "busty" females.

The male, who was fairly cooperative, initially explained that a female friend had invited him to "kick back" at the motel, where he, the female friend and another female had simply watched TV and fallen asleep. Upon further questioning, however, he changed his story, saying that he wanted to tell the "whole truth" since he thought people were "lying on him." In fact, he said, he believed that his female friend was a prostitute and the motel rooms had been purchased by a pimp. Apparently, more people had been on the scene than the two females in question, and the subject reported that at one point, his "friend" had returned from the bathroom wearing only "see-through" underwear.

Throughout the interview, the subject was holding a gray puppy that had apparently been at the motel throughout the night.

One of the females denied all allegations, although she did say she worked at the Candy Store and Ten's. The other admitted to being a prostitute but declared she had not recently been involved in the profession.

Others who had used the room, including the alleged pimp, were not located. All three subjects were allowed to leave.

A Rabbits-And-Sandals Scandal

West Yucca Court, Sept. 20, 1 p.m.

Two family members apparently got into several odd domestic disputes, a PCSD report said.

The distraught reportee explained to deputies that her nephew was allowing her to live in his apartment but would not let her keep her rabbits inside, even though it was hot outside. When she brought them indoors anyway, she and her nephew got into a struggle; he knocked her down, made her hand bleed and got blue gel in her hair and all over her shirt.

The nephew stated that they had gotten into another fight when his aunt tried to take his sandals away from him, during which she dropped to her knees, grabbed him by the waist of his pants and bit him very hard on his stomach, just below the navel. Deputies observed the bite mark.

Both subjects were arrested for domestic violence.

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