Police Dispatch

Dog Turds to Dead Birds

North Vuelta Tajo, Aug. 28, 3:27 p.m.

A creative vandal went to a lot of trouble to wreck the home of a woman with an active love life, according to a Pima County Sheriff's Department report.

The victim reported that one Wednesday, she had noticed a large amount of dog feces piled next to her car outside her residence--"enough to fill a bathtub," she said. However, she thought nothing of it at the time. Three days later, she found some dead quail by her door, and two days after that, she found that someone had cracked and whipped 30 to 40 eggs and poured the resulting mixture all over her porch.

To conclude the string of vandalism, after three more days, the perpetrator put grease or glue all over her front patio door--and actually managed to lift up the garage door to put glue under it, effectively gluing the garage door to the ground.

Asked for possible suspects, the woman said that a couple of months ago, she had received phone calls from another female threatening murder if she did not "stay away" from her husband--a man the victim admitted dating at the time. The woman also mentioned that she had recently told a married male "friend" that she could no longer see him, and he apparently become very upset. (She noted that this man had two dogs, from which the feces may have originated.) Finally, she said, she had just broken up with another boyfriend, but that he was out of town.

The female who had threatened the victim was not available for questioning; the man with the dogs was investigated but had an alibi.

The victim was told to call law enforcement with any further developments.

Guilty and Partying

South Palo Verde Road, Aug. 26, 11:12 a.m.

A homeless, beer-loving shoplifter didn't put any effort into concealing his drinking habits and his criminal ways, a PCSD report showed.

A sheriff's deputy was called one morning to a Circle K at 3795 S. Palo Verde Road, where the store's manager alleged that a bald, Hispanic male in a blue shirt, Levi's and a bright orange vest had stolen beer from the store.

On the median in the street in front of the store, the deputy saw a bald, Hispanic male in a blue shirt, Levi's and an orange vest, sitting with a cardboard sign, begging for money and conspicuously drinking a 24-ounce can of Mickey's.

The subject readily admitted stealing the beer from the Circle K. He was arrested for shoplifting and drinking liquor in public.

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