Police Dispatch

Dog-Poop Drama

North Park Ridge Place, June 17, 7:45 p.m.

A man taking his dog for an evening stroll was allegedly threatened by a disgruntled neighbor with a gun, according to a Pima County Sheriff's Department report.

The dog owner told law enforcement that when he was walking his dog earlier that evening, a stocky, gray-bearded older man had exited a house he was passing and began yelling that the dog-walker was training the dog to "shit in his yard." The dog-walker ignored him, but when he passed the house a second time while on his way home, the bearded man "pointed a gun dead at (him)" and threatened his dog's life. Apparently unfazed, the dog-walker gave the man the middle finger and told him to "fuck off" and "keep taking his meds."

When law enforcement interviewed the gun-toting neighbor, he said he believed that his property extended to the middle of the street; therefore, he said, the dog-walker and his pet had indeed been on his property. Furthermore, the subject believed the dog was being trained to "poop" on his property as a form of harassment. When asked if he had a gun, the subject pulled out a silver-handled revolver and stated that he is not stupid and does not go anywhere without his weapon. However, he said, he would not pull a weapon on anyone unless it was truly justified, or he and/or his family were in a dire situation.

The man with the revolver was not arrested, since he did have a concealed-weapons permit. The dog-walker and his neighbor were advised to stay away from each another.

Not Very Sneaky

North Sullinger Avenue, June 17, 8:16 a.m.

A neighborhood nuisance apparently hauled off a brand-new lounge chair while making quite an odd racket, said a PCSD report.

A worker at the Sheriff's Department's telephone-reporting center received a call from a man describing the overnight theft of a dark blue lounge chair that still had the sales tags on it, evidently taken from somewhere on his property outside of the house. The night of the theft, the reportee stated, he had heard a lot of noise, including the ringing of doorbells, whistling and "chipmunk sounds."

There were no leads regarding the chair thief, though the victim stated that he has had an ongoing neighbor problem for about four months and wanted to document the occurrence.

He had apparently never seen the thief and did not cite a reason for failing to investigate the noises he had heard the night before.

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