Police Dispatch

Hitting the Wall

West Tenbrook Way, April 7, 9:09 p.m.

A medication-addled boy went on a rampage after his mother asked him to clean his bedroom, according to a Pima County Sheriff's Department report.

The mother stated that she had told her son he could not watch television until his room was clean. The boy--who was on several types of medication, including Ritalin--left his mother's presence, grabbed a large steel pipe and used it to punch holes in the wall of his room for the next 30 minutes. He cursed at his sister and allegedly tried to choke her. By the time his sister told their mother about his out-of-control behavior, however, the boy seemed calm and said he was sorry for what he had done.

After letting the boy come out and eat dinner, his mother gave him a broom, and he agreed to start cleaning up. Immediately afterward, he began cursing again and punched many more holes in his wall, this time using the broom handle. His sister reported that this bout of destruction lasted another 30 minutes.

Later, when confronted about the damage--one large, deep hole in one wall, and approximately 70 to 80 smaller holes in all four walls--the boy appeared very sorry and said he would start a lemonade stand to pay for the damage, and eventually cleaned up the drywall littering his floor. When deputies asked him why he had done the damage, he said he did not know, but he had been "a little bored."

Really, He Has People

North Palo Verde Road, April 11, 12:32 p.m.

A transient with an apparent superiority complex went too far defending his territory, said a PCSD report.

Sheriffs were dispatched to a fight in progress on the median at the intersection of Palo Verde Road and Ajo Way, where they spotted three homeless men. Two men were bloody, and one--obviously the fight's instigator--was not. The two victims reported that they had been selling newspapers on the median when the subject approached them and told them this was his panhandling spot. One of the newspaper sellers told him panhandling was illegal, and the subject punched him in the nose. The fight escalated from that point.

Once handcuffed, the subject denied wrongdoing and refused to comply with any orders, telling the arresting deputy he was a "fucking asshole." The subject repeatedly told the deputy to "fuck himself" and asserted he would sue the deputy and his whole department for everything they had. Upon arrival at the jail, the subject stated that once he was free of handcuffs, he and the sheriff would "go toe to toe."

The subject was booked and placed in an isolated cell.

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