Police Dispatch

Dog and People Show

West Nebraska Street, Feb. 25, 5:43 p.m.

Four humans and six dogs got into an intense inter-species brawl on a neighborhood street, said a Pima County Sheriff's Department report.

Deputies called to the scene were confronted by one man, three women and an assortment of leashed and unleashed dogs engaged in physical combat. According to the male subject, he had been looking out his window and saw that two young women walking three dogs past his residence had stopped on the sidewalk. He'd had "numerous problems" with these particular females before, he said, and had asked them not to stop their dogs in front of his house. After they failed to heed his warning to move on, he opened his window and jumped out of it to confront them. (Asked by one deputy why he hadn't used the door, he stated that the window was closer.)

Unfortunately, the man left his window open, allowing his own three dogs to exit his residence behind him. The young women, soon joined by their mother, had little success in calming the man's dogs with a spray that had a citrus smell. At this point, the humans began fighting; conflicting reports made it unclear who instigated the fight, but it was reported that the man was swinging at all of the females; the females pushed the man down; and one of the younger females punched the man in the nose. The man also suffered from at least one dog bite.

Once the unleashed dogs had been rounded up, all three females were escorted by deputies back to their residence, where the dogs they had been walking immediately began to fight with dogs already inside their house.

The man who had jumped out his window was charged with two counts of assault and three counts of a leash-law violation.

Man's Best Friend Makes Enemies

North Entrada De Sabino, Feb. 23, 7:11 p.m.

A dog owner's unscrupulous dog-walking habits were brought to her attention through vandalism of her property, a PCSD report stated.

The woman called law enforcement to document graffiti she found on her cable box that stated in black ink: "You should let your dog piss on your plate." She said that while she did not know specifically who had done the damage, she admitted that in the past, she has walked her dog, and when the dog had "gone to the bathroom," she had not picked up its droppings; the graffiti might, she said, be an attempt at revenge on the part of her neighbors.

No charges were filed; the woman simply wanted to document the incident for her cable company.

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