Police Dispatch

In the Dogs' House

East Rocky Creek Drive, Dec. 25, 7:43 p.m.

A burglar entered an attack-dog trainer's home and apparently endured a fitting punishment, according to a Pima County Sheriff's Department report.

The homeowner told sheriff's deputies that he trains large dogs for security and defense purposes, and although he had not locked his residence the day of the burglary, three vicious dogs had been loose on the property.

Entering the house, deputies found what was presumably the burglar's blood all over the floor, wall and refrigerator door in the kitchen, as well as in the bathroom and hallway. A snow globe was missing; however, deputies found glitter, broken glass and part of an aluminum-foil snowman near the front door. Apparently, the suspect had attempted to use the snow globe in defense against the homeowner's dogs. Other signs of struggle were evident, including a bent screen door.

The only item taken was a saw worth approximately $50. The homeowner was less concerned about the theft than his possible liability regarding the injury of the suspect.

Take My Son, Please

South Sheridan Avenue, Dec. 27, 7:09 p.m.

A father whose tolerance was pushed to its limit finally called law enforcement on his unemployed, abusive adult son, according to a PCSD report.

The father reported that his son and his son's 6-year-old daughter had been living at the father's home for some time, despite both parents wanting the son to move out and "make something of himself." Earlier that day, the son had argued with his parents about this, physically pushing his father before leaving the residence on his motorcycle. The father said his son could not keep a job and spent all his time drinking and sleeping.

Upon investigation of the subject's bedroom, deputies found an enormous amount of empty beer cans and liquor bottles. Lifting up his mattress, they found numerous flattened cardboard beer cases.

While deputies were talking with the father, the son returned home and was handcuffed. Agitated, he kicked the door of his father's vehicle as he was escorted to the patrol car and left a small dent. "Thanks a lot, Dad!" he yelled. He was booked for domestic violence and criminal damage.

Stall Tactic

UA Area, Jan. 8, 11:20 a.m.

A peeping Tom may be frequenting UA restrooms, a UA Police Department report said.

A woman reported that she had been in a stall of the Main Library restroom, which was empty when she entered. Although she never heard the restroom's main door open, as she was sitting on the toilet, an unknown individual with black, scuffed shoes pressed his face against the crack in the stall door and peered through. When the victim rose from her seat, the peeper ran out of the restroom.

No suspects have been identified.

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