Police Dispatch

Flashlights Are Good

West Ajo Highway, Nov. 12, 8:46 p.m.

A man lit a roadside brush fire in order to see better in the dark, according to a Pima County Sheriff's Department report.

A sheriff's deputy called to the fire scene interviewed a suspicious Caucasian male found nearby. The male, identified as a Mr. Henly, stated that he had been hitchhiking and caught a ride to his mother's house when the driver of the vehicle informed him they were running out of gas, and Henly needed to get out. Henly said he then exited the vehicle and continued to his mother's house on foot. Asked if he had been around when the brush fire was started, Henly said that, indeed, he had. He then admitted to starting the fire himself using a match. He was placed in double-locked handcuffs.

Questioned as to why he had lit the brush on fire, Henly first explained that he had wanted "to send signals." When he was asked who he was signaling, Henly changed his story and said he started the fire to illuminate some nearby memorials that he was unable to see in the darkness.

Henly did not seem dangerous, possessed no weapons and had no warrants against him. He was charged with reckless burning, and was cited and released to continue his walk down the highway.

Whose Moon Was It?

North Thornydale Road, Nov. 7, 10:53 p.m.

A woman upset with neighbors for loud noise and a reported "mooning" incident allegedly retaliated with some indecent exposure of her own, said a PCSD report.

A sheriff's deputy responding to the incident went to a northwest-side apartment complex and met with the victim, who stated that she had been woken up around 10 p.m. by her downstairs neighbors, who were using profanity and yelling loudly. When she went to her porch to complain, she said, one of the neighbors' sons stood on a chair in the view of her and her 4-year-old daughter, turned around and pulled down his pants.

When the boy's guardians were interviewed, they admitted that they had been arguing, but the male guardian insisted that the boy "did not have his butt showing, but an inch or two of his crack." The boy, he said, had just been swimming and simply had sagging shorts, which he was pulling up at the time he was viewed by the complainant.

The boy himself corroborated this statement, adding that, in fact, it was the woman upstairs who was the problem. He declared that after she began yelling at him from her balcony to pull up his pants, she turned around and pulled her own pants down, "not showing the anus but the cheeks of the butt."

The reporting officer had no way of determining whose peace was disturbed, if anyone's was, and therefore made no arrests.

The only true victim, as far as he could see, was the upstairs neighbor's 4-year-old daughter.

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