Police Dispatch

Raging Hormones

West Freedom Eagle Drive, Sept. 5, 6:40 p.m.

A prepubescent girl became violently angry when her father could not locate the TV remote, according to a Pima County Sheriff's Department report.

Sheriffs arrived at their house after a call from the father, who said his daughter was screaming and using profanity. He said that during the last few weeks, she had been acting very upset--mostly with him. Usually, he said, he would just go to a casino to calm down.

But today, an especially bad argument started when his daughter wanted to watch TV and accused him of hiding the remote control. When he insisted he hadn't seen it, she threatened to hit him with a water bottle. He told her to go ahead and do it. She then threw the bottle at his forehead.

The father physically attempted to control the girl, who was calling him "fucker," "motherfucker" and other names. A struggle ensued. The father reported having his hair pulled; the daughter reported being hit in the face. She admitted punching her father's leg, but couldn't remember pulling his hair.

The father stated that he didn't know why, but it seemed like his kids didn't like him.

The girl was taken to the Pima County Juvenile Detention Center and booked with domestic violence for "knowingly assaulting her father with a water bottle."

Gone to the Dogs

South DeConcini Drive, Sept. 7, 11:03 a.m.

A woman renting out a home through a management company visited the recently vacated property and found it completely destroyed and full of dog feces, said a PCSD report.

The sheriff called to the scene reported being immediately overwhelmed by a smell of fecal matter. The carpet of the home had been necessarily removed prior to his arrival, but he observed multiple piles of canine feces in the upstairs loft area. A representative of the property-management company stated that she suspected the former tenants--a family of two adults and three children--purposefully kept their dogs inside the house when threatened with eviction.

In addition to damage by animal excrement, the house had a broken dishwasher, damaged window coverings and general filth. The walls appeared to have been marked all over with some type of crayon. The estimated cost of the damage was $27,000.

The former tenants left no forwarding address, but it is known that the male head of household works at a Pizza Hut, according to the report.

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