Police Dispatch

Big Bust

Unincorporated Pima County, Aug. 12, 12:12 a.m.

The U.S. Border Patrol called the Pima County Sheriff's Department after an agent stopped a vehicle containing roughly 132 pounds of marijuana, according to a PCSD report.

The Border Patrol agent said he took note of a vehicle in the early evening during a routine patrol. Approximately two hours later, he saw the same vehicle going the opposite direction.

The agent told PCSD that he got behind the vehicle and noticed that it appeared to be carrying something quite heavy. He then passed the vehicle, went up the road a bit and shined his light on the vehicle as it drove by, catching sight of a juvenile in the passenger seat whom he hadn't seen before. That's when he stopped the car, the report stated.

The agent noticed large bales of marijuana when he approached the vehicle after it had pulled over.

The driver allegedly said he had been sitting outside of a Home Depot when a man walked up to him and talked him into transporting a load from Ajo to Phoenix. He said he went to Ajo, met up with the juvenile who was riding shotgun (and who reportedly refused to speak to authorities) and was forced at gunpoint to take the marijuana to Phoenix.

PCSD turned the case over to Counter Narcotics Alliance detectives.

Stop the Insanity

UA Area, Aug. 26, 12:04 a.m.

A female UA student wanted sexually explicit phone calls from someone named "Stash Gordon" to stop, a UA Police Department report stated.

The woman said she had received about eight calls from this person, including a voicemail, which she played for an officer.

The man who spoke in the message said the woman's father owed him $521 for an unpaid seafood-restaurant bill.

An officer phoned the number that showed up on caller ID and spoke with someone who identified himself as Stash Gordon. After a brief conversation, the man hung up, saying he couldn't hear what the officer was saying.

A few minutes later, someone called the woman from the number again. The officer answered it and was told by a man that he didn't appreciate the officer harassing his friends.

The officer told the man to leave the UA student alone; the man replied that he didn't believe the officer was with law enforcement and hung up.

The woman hasn't received any calls since then, according to the report.

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