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Psycho Lady

Valencia and Mission Roads, July 14, 1:38 p.m.

A woman acted bizarrely after she was arrested for domestic violence, a Pima County Sheriff's Department report stated.

Authorities responded to a trailer park after Leticia Landra Dugan, the woman who was eventually arrested, phoned them. No age was given for Dugan.

One deputy ran into a young girl sitting outside an adjacent trailer. The report said the girl "had a very cooperative attitude and was forthcoming" with information about what had happened.

The girl said Dugan had gotten into another argument with her boyfriend. The girl said Dugan "fights like a man" and "is the man in the relationship," and she called Dugan a "psycho lady" who had made odd claims in the past, including once saying that her boyfriend was "boning" the dog.

The girl said she had witnessed Dugan going after the boyfriend with a metal pipe that afternoon. She said she saw Dugan hit him twice on the hand while Dugan's mother was trying to separate them, the report said. She told authorities she didn't understand why Dugan had called 911 when she was the one attacking her boyfriend; she also didn't understand why Dugan's boyfriend remained with Dugan when she continually mistreats him.

Another neighbor said she saw Dugan chasing after the boyfriend with a crowbar while yelling that she was going to kill him. The boyfriend, meanwhile, was running away from Dugan, saying, "Please don't hurt me; please don't hurt me," the neighbor told authorities.

After interviewing a number of other people, authorities decided to arrest Dugan and take her to the Pima County Adult Detention Center. The report said Dugan seemed "mentally unstable."

As soon as Dugan was placed in handcuffs, she began chanting and making weird noises, the report said. A deputy noted she had previously said she believed in God and read the Bible, but then she started cussing. When she was placed in the patrol car, she reportedly said she had been kidnapped in the past and was now being "punished and tortured again."

Dugan screamed and yelled on the way to jail, the report said. She called the deputy "satanic" and, at one point during the booking process, allegedly asked the deputy if he was going to take her inside the jail, strap her to a chair and rape her like she had been raped before.

The report alleged that Dugan said she was going to launch an investigation with PCSD's internal-affairs division and that she was going to call the governor and her senators, all of whom she knew well.

Authorities also cited Dugan's boyfriend for possessing drug paraphernalia. Dugan had taken two methamphetamine pipes from the pocket of one of his shirts while she was being interviewed.

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