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Kids These Days

Skyline Drive snd Swan Road, June 4, 12:36 a.m.

A teenager chased down a male peer who allegedly egged her car--and she claimed she got socked in the face for her trouble, according to a Pima County Sheriff's Department report.

The teen said she and her sister heard something strike a window on their home and, looking outside, saw several people throwing eggs. The sisters ran out after them, and one of them recognized a guy from school as he was getting into his car.

The sisters hopped into a car and followed the male teenager's vehicle. After a brief chase, they pulled up next to him, and one of the sisters got out to ask the male whether he had egged their home, the sisters said.

They alleged that the male got out of his car and then punched the sister who had confronted him three times in the face, knocking her unconscious. The other sister said he started coming after her, but was deterred after she threatened to hit him with a rock.

The male got back into his car and drove off, the sisters alleged. They said they had seen him around school and pulled out a yearbook to help identify him to authorities.

A deputy photographed facial swelling on the sister who had been assaulted.

The male teenager told a different story: He said two girls had been giggling outside when he left his friend's house. He claimed to have noticed a suspicious vehicle following him after that.

The teen said he pulled over to confront the driver of the suspicious vehicle, and that one of the sisters poured soy sauce on his lap as he sat in the car. He said he tried to push her away, and then the girls drove off.

Authorities cited the sisters and the male teen for criminal damage; the male was also charged with assault.

The facial swelling on the sister who got socked turned into bruises the next day.

In Plain Sight

UA Area June 9, 11:40 p.m.

Authorities noticed a man leaning out of a parked car with what appeared to be two beer cans in his hands, a University of Arizona Police Department report said.

An officer noticed Alejandro Phininzy Jr., 19, leaning out of the car to spit. The report said the officer could smell alcohol as he approached the vehicle.

A search of the car turned up four Busch Light beer cans, two of which were open; a small bag of marijuana; and a pipe for smoking it. Phininzy had a warrant out for his arrest on a shoplifting charge.

Stephanie Amparo Ophglia Barletta and Joella Ann Chavez, both 19, were also in the car. They were cited for various charges, including possession of narcotic paraphernalia, and released. Authorities booked Phininzy into Pima County Jail on six counts.

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