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Even FBI Agents Need a Release

UA Area May 3, 11:22 a.m.

A University of Arizona Police Department report alleges an FBI agent was caught masturbating in a women's restroom stall at the UA student union.

A female witness told authorities she was wiping down a stall door in the bathroom when it swung open, revealing a white male standing with his pants below his knees. She fled and contacted her supervisor, who in turn phoned police.

Police aide Gary Fountain walked with the custodian back to the restroom, so he could take a peek at the stall. As they were waiting for women to exit the restroom, the very man the custodian had seen, later identified as Ryan James Seese, sauntered out the door, causing the custodian to shriek, "That's him, that's him, that's the guy!" Seese ran toward a nearby parking garage.

Eventually, Fountain apprehended and cuffed Seese. Officer Gregory Ewer Jr. arrived and asked Seese where his ID was.

"I'm law enforcement," Seese reportedly replied. He then said he was with the FBI and that his identification, badge and gun were in a vehicle on the second floor of the garage.

UAPD collected photographs and other evidence from the bathroom, including "wadded up tissue with possible semen" that was stuck in the "feminine product receptacle" in the restroom stall where Seese had allegedly been yanking it.

Seese refused to answer questions without his attorney present. His FBI supervisor showed up and authorized UAPD to investigate the agent's vehicle in the parking garage. The supervisor also brought Seese, an agent with the FBI's Phoenix division, a change of clothing so UAPD could have what he was wearing at the time.

Police cited Seese for indecent exposure, public sexual indecency and criminal trespassing. He was released to his supervisor.

One-Thumbed Chuck

Sunrise Drive and Kolb Road, May 5, 2:03 p.m.

A man named "Chuck" shot his thumb while showing a gun to a fellow patron at a bar, a Pima County Sheriff's Department report said.

A witness at Risky Business, 6866 E. Sunrise Drive, said Chuck was showing the weapon to a person sitting next to him when it went off. Someone handed Chuck a towel to wrap up his bleeding digit, and then the person he was sitting next to took him to the hospital.

The bartender said the thumb looked like it had been "shredded."

The report noted that Chuck could be charged with weapons misconduct.

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