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This'll Teach 'Em

Unincorporated Pima County, March 6, 4:12 p.m.

A man admitted peeling out with his car in order to kick up dirt at three teens, according to a Pima County Sheriff's Department report.

The teenagers said they were walking home from school when they heard someone honking behind them. They claimed to be on the side of the road, adding that the car's driver, a man later identified as Brad Jay Rose, positioned his vehicle in front of them after passing and yelling obscenities. Rose's age wasn't listed in the report.

The teens said Rose then peeled out, striking them with dirt and debris. They also told authorities they had experienced the wrath of this particular driver before.

Rose, who was later stopped by a deputy, reportedly said he had made up his mind "to throw dust up in their faces" after past dealings with the kids walking in the roadway.

His wife, who was also in the car, said the teens had in the past held hands to form a traffic-blocking wall while walking down the street. She said she had reported them to PCSD.

A deputy cited Rose for three counts of endangerment.

Avoid That Slide

Valencia and Mission roads, March 7, 6:54 p.m.

A woman said a teenage boy with whom she was acquainted urinated down a park slide, a PCSD report stated.

The woman, an employee at an alternative middle and high school, said she saw the 17-year-old urinating at the top of the slide. She reportedly only saw the urine stream, however, so authorities classified the call as a vandalism report instead of indecent exposure.

You Are Not a Zeta

UA area, March 25, 5 p.m.

A woman was cited for assault and attempted larceny after accosting a peer whom she thought wasn't sorority material, a University of Arizona Police Department report said.

The victim said she was standing in front of the UA's Old Main building, 1200 E. University Blvd., for a photo shoot when 21-year-old Ashlei Tobin-Robertson walked up, pushed her and called her a "bitch."

According to the victim, Tobin-Robertson had been suspended in the spring of 2006 for hazing; that suspension had apparently "caused some animosity between the two," the report said.

Next, Tobin-Robertson allegedly reached for the victim's canvas bag, which was emblazoned with the Zeta Phi Beta letters, saying, "You're not a Zeta. Give me this bag."

A witness confirmed the victim's version of events.

Police contacted Tobin-Robertson, who admitted that she had not been invited to the photo shoot and had tried to take the victim's bag. She denied pushing the woman.

According to the report, Tobin-Robertson felt she did nothing wrong.

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