Police Dispatch

Unrelenting Hostility

Orange Grove Road and La Cholla Boulevard, Jan. 21, 6:02 p.m.

A girl at a mental-health center was arrested for assaulting another girl with a yellow trashcan lid, a Pima County Sheriff's Department report stated.

Nobody reportedly witnessed the girl attacking her peer, both of whom are 16. However, several staff members at the Sonora Behavioral Health Center, 6050 N. Corona Road, did see the attacker holding the yellow lid she allegedly had used to hit the other girl on the back of the head.

The victim said she hadn't a clue why the other girl would want to hurt her.

A deputy went to speak with the alleged attacker in an isolation room. She said she wanted to speak about what happened, and then reportedly told the deputy, "I hit (the victim) in the head with a trashcan lid, because I hate her."

As the deputy was leaving, the accused attacker reportedly tried to assault the alleged victim again. She said she would keep attacking the other girl unless she was booked into the Pima County Juvenile Detention Center.

She got her wish; a deputy booked her on an assault charge.

The Birthday Bangle

River Road and Campbell Avenue, Jan. 18, 4:58 p.m.

A woman believed the hostess at a restaurant where she celebrated her birthday took a diamond-studded gold bangle she had been wearing, according to a PCSD report.

The woman said she had noticed all three bangles she had worn that night on her wrist while dining at Vivace, 4310 N. Campbell Ave. However, when she went home, she saw that one of the bangles was missing.

The woman immediately phoned the restaurant and spoke to the hostess, who described the bangle to the woman in what the woman thought was uncanny detail. Then, the hostess reportedly said the restaurant was too busy for her to talk on the phone and asked the woman to call back.

When the woman called back, the hostess said no bangles had turned up. The next day, the woman phoned the restaurant owner, who said the bangle had been placed in a drawer for safekeeping. The owner reportedly went to check on it and then noticed it was missing. He said he would ask the hostess, who had called in sick that day, if she had put it somewhere else.

The woman said she never heard back from the owner, so five days later, she went into the restaurant and spoke to him. He said he had handed the bangle to someone to put into a drawer and didn't know what happened to it after that. He also said he had fired the hostess.

The bangle was valued at $1,000.

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