Police Dispatch

Family Feud

Tangerine and Thornydale Roads, July 17, 3:56 p.m. and 7:23 p.m.

Two reports from the Pima County Sheriff's Department chronicled some bad blood between neighbors.

A man phoned authorities to report that his neighbors had been videotaping him. He added that the whole family, which consisted of a mother, a father and four to six children who were allowed to play in the trash covering their property, were always saying "vulgar" things to him.

The mother next door accused her neighbor of pointing a pellet gun at her children, which she claimed was why she started videotaping him. However, her story as to why and when she videotaped the man next door later changed, the deputy noted, and she finally admitted she didn't have any incriminating footage of her neighbor.

The deputy told the mother to stop bothering her neighbor and left. A short time later, the reportee phoned again to say that the mother had "started to cuss him out across the property line."

The deputy returned, and the mother admitted she had very loudly said she was going to build an oleander fence to separate her property from her neighbor's, knowing that her neighbor doesn't like oleanders.

The deputy subsequently cited the mother for disorderly conduct.

About four hours later, another call came through from the male neighbor, saying that the husband of the cited woman had threatened "to kill him and turn him into compost."

He also said the entire family next door had also hopped into their minivan and parked in such a way as to block his fiancée from walking her horse down the road. The entire family reportedly glared at her "with evil stares" as they sat in the van.

The neighbor said the family fled when he phoned authorities, so the deputy was unable to contact them at the time of the report.

The Presents Are Under The Tree

Unincorporated Pima County, July 22, 3:09 p.m. Authorities seized 225 pounds of marijuana that had been hidden under a tree, a PCSD report stated.

The man who called deputies said he saw seven "large men" walking single-file across his property in the early hours of the morning. He went outside and yelled at them to determine what they were doing, but they ignored him and kept going on their way, he told authorities.

Later that day, curiosity got the better of the man, and he retraced the path he saw the strangers take. That's when he found five large bales of what appeared to be marijuana hidden under a tree, he said.

Deputies seized the bales. Tests later confirmed that they contained marijuana.

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