Police Dispatch

Awkward Ride

Ajo Way and La Cholla Boulevard, Jan. 24, 12:41 p.m.

A middle school student complained that he became uncomfortable when a male peer began "talking nasty" to him on a school bus, a Pima County Sheriff's Department report stated.

The boy said a fellow student sat next to him on the bus and told him, "I want to be your boyfriend." He accused his peer of putting his hand on his leg and trying to kiss him repeatedly.

The boy alleged that the student also said, "Hey, in my bag, I have all sorts of thongs and underwear."

A deputy questioned the accused student, who claimed he had been joking and that he never expected the boy to take him so seriously. He wrote a letter of apology to the boy and also phoned the boy's father to say he was sorry.

Authorities turned the matter over to school officials for disciplinary action.

Aching To Be Arrested

UA Area, Feb. 5, 10:45 p.m.

Authorities arrested a man for trespassing when he repeatedly refused to leave a friend's apartment, a University of Arizona Police Department report said.

A woman phoned authorities when she heard a commotion in a hallway and noticed five ceiling panels had been damaged.

An officer who responded to the call heard at least four people running around inside a nearby apartment. Eight people were inside the apartment; six of them reportedly admitted they had been drinking but were underage. All six were cited.

An officer asked 18-year-old Karim Sigg for his license while writing out a citation, but Sigg replied that he had already handed it over. None of the other officers had his license, the report said, so Sigg's information was confirmed with dispatch.

The officers told everyone to leave the apartment after citing them. Sigg reportedly insisted that he hadn't gotten his license back. He allegedly argued with the officers and became "irate," but refused to check his wallet to see if it contained his license.

Sigg eventually left, but waited at the end of the hallway, the report stated. He then walked back to the apartment and said he needed to stay to get his keys from someone, the officer alleged.

Sigg still refused to leave after multiple warnings, the report said, so he was arrested for trespassing. According to the report, a set of keys was in Sigg's right-front pocket, and his license was in his wallet.

Authorities booked Sigg at Pima County Jail.

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