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That Intoxicating Fragrance

UA Area, Jan. 27, 1:40 a.m.

A female driver told an officer--who said she smelled like alcohol--that people have often told her she exudes a boozy odor, a University of Arizona Police Department report stated.

The officer wrote that he was standing near his patrol car at the UAPD station, 1852 E. First St., when he saw a Nissan Pathfinder nearly run into a small passenger car that was waiting for a woman and toddler to cross the street. The Pathfinder's driver reportedly "leaned on the horn," and then drove around the vehicle.

The officer pulled the Pathfinder over near the intersection of Broadway Boulevard and Campbell Avenue. Its driver, 23-year-old Kate Elizabeth Sierras, explained that her passenger had been drinking, after the officer told her the scent of booze was wafting out of her automobile.

The officer instructed Sierras to step out of her vehicle, and then told her that the smell of alcohol was coming not just from her passenger, but also from her.

She replied that "people have told her she naturally smells like alcohol," the report stated. Sierras allegedly admitted to drinking one Long Island iced tea.

According to the report, Sierras displayed signs of intoxication during multiple DUI tests.

The officer asked her if she would ever drive impaired again, as part of a battery of questions after the tests. Sierras allegedly said, "No. Whatever it'll take." The report said that she was adamant that the officer quote her as saying, "Whatever it'll take."

The officer asked her what question "Whatever it'll take" was an answer to, but Sierras was allegedly unable to remember. She just insisted that he document "Whatever it'll take" in the report, the officer wrote.

Sierras allegedly told the officer she was fine to drive, saying, "You all sobered me up with the flashlights."

The officer took Sierras back to the UAPD station, and claimed that she twice performed breath tests improperly by not blowing for the specified amount of time. She reportedly complied after officers told her she would have to have a blood draw if she didn't adequately perform the breath test.

The tests came back with blood-alcohol content results of 0.08, 0.084, 0.077 and 0.077. The legal limit is 0.08.

Sierras was cited for driving while impaired to the slightest degree and violating a driver's-license restriction that required her to wear contacts. The officer dropped her off at her boyfriend's home.

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